Cultivation of the Mind, Part 3

Celebrating the two-year anniversary and 100th episode of the Bring to Mind podcast, Michael Sleasman joined host Melinda Schmidt (Moody Radio's Midday Connection) for a third episode to again discuss cultivating a Christian life of the mind in the midst of all the advances in medicine, science, and technology. In particular, they explore about how the faith community in America is connecting to and observing new technologies that continue to creep into our everyday lives. 

In this third episode, Dr. Sleasman begins with a brief overview of the church's involvement in culture, why it is important, and some areas where it has been successful in engaging culture in a positive way. He then discusses new technological developments, such as drones, and the role of popular media such as movies and books in facilitating discussion of new technologies and the issues that arise from them. Loneliness, intimacy, and the role of personal assistant technology is discussed, as well as ways to reflect critically on how we utilize our technology without altogether avoiding it. Dr. Sleasman ends the segment with a discussion of currently emerging technologies, especially driverless vehicles, the Brain Initiative, neuroscience, and 3D printing.

The episode originally aired on November 11, 2014 as "Cultivation of the Mind" Bring to Mind, Episode 3, Midday Connection, Moody Radio. This audio is copyrighted by Moody Radio and is posted with permission.  Links to earlier interviews:

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Keywords: Cultural Engagement, Emerging Technology, Technology and Media


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