Assisted Suicide—A Quadriplegic’s Perspective

Joni Eareckson Tada

Culture is so easily influenced by the entertainment industry. This is why I am sounding an alarm about a very dangerous message in a film released earlier this summer. It’s simply titled Me Before You.

Bioethics, Thoughtful Christians, and the Church

David S. Dockery, PhD

It is important for the church to recognize that there are distinctively Christian approaches to the bioethical dilemmas of our day. What is needed, to borrow a phrase from T. S. Eliot, is a commitment to learn to think "in Christian categories." This means being able to see life from a Christian vantage point; it means thinking with the mind of Christ.

Why Intersections?

Michael Cox, PhD
Michael J. Sleasman, PhD

Throughout the history of the Church, Christians have faced their own “How now shall we live?” moments. Ours is thoroughly enmeshed in an age of advanced medicine, science, and technology. For too many of us, our existence in this MedTech age is a form of unquestioning consumption. Too often we promote and adopt all dimensions of these developments without a second thought for how a Christian worldview might offer guidance or assessment of these developments—applauding some things and critiquing others.

Intersections is a space to explore the question for our age: How shall we live now, in our MedTech age?