Running towards the Mess: Pastoral Ministry in the Foreign Land of a Complex Medical System

Wayne Kent

We entered the hospital, headed for the elevator, and Billy Bob pressed the button for the 5th floor. Suddenly it hit me, I’m encountering an unexpected lesson in pastoral ministry.

Here’s what led up to the lesson:

I entered pastoral ministry in a strange and backward sort of way. I was a business administration major in college, with a piano minor. Covering some of the costs for school included using my musical skills for a small congregation. Playing the piano each Sunday helped pay the bills. The church was kind to me throughout my college career and members became my friends.

Thinking as Christians about Love, Compassion, and Suffering at the End of Life

Paige C. Cunningham, JD, PhD

“When someone who is in terrible pain is at the end of their life, why isn’t it the loving and compassionate thing to end their suffering?” A small group confronted me with this question, and variations on its theme, after a bioethics presentation I gave not too long ago at a church.

A Podcast for the MedTech Age: An Interview with Zac and Sally Crippen

Zac and Sally Crippen

Vernacular is a podcast hosted by Zac and Sally Crippen. Here is how the authors themselves describe their podcast:

“At Vernacular Podcast Network, we believe in living well. Aristotle called this eudaimonia. We generally translate this into the vernacular as “human flourishing”—that is, how to live our lives well and to the fullest. Our podcast explores this idea, but not in the ways you might think. It’s not just a philosophy podcast. Nor is it simply a lifestyle podcast. It’s a little bit of both, but not really either. It’s music reviews and movie previews, sports forecasts and food recipes, philosophizing on the nature of knowledge and prognosticating on the future of science. Most of the time we interview interesting guests and contributors. And we always try hard to keep it fun. The only stuffiness is from our studio closet, which has no ventilation and gets pretty warm when we’re recording. But that’s for us to worry about.”


A Review of "Love Thy Body" by Nancy R. Pearcey

Janie Valentine, MA

In her 2018 book, Love Thy Body: Answering Hard Questions about Life and Sexuality,[1] Christian apologist Nancy R. Pearcey tackles a variety of hot-button ethical issues including abortion, euthanasia, homosexuality, hookup culture, and transgenderism. Chapter by chapter, Pearcey makes the case that Western secularism denigrates the human body by embracing each of these practices, and she defends the holistic realism of Christian ethics in response.